Thursday, 9 December 2010

05: a paragraph about your best friend(s).

Best friend #1
We became best friends as soon as we started talking. And we got closer and closer and I thought we were inseparable. To be fair, we were inseparable for years. It's only the past 3 weeks that I've started to wonder. I love him to absolute pieces and I miss him every day. And every day I worry and worry that it's not mutual. And every day I feel guilty because I am coping despite having this worry. Before university, this worry would have sent me into a state of god knows what. The fact that I'm actually marginally okay that he hasn't texted back in weeks makes me feel terrible. I shouldn't be able to cope without him. But however well I'm coping without him, I love him more than I love the majority of people on this planet, and I so, so badly need to see him soon.

Best friend #2
This person, I do believe, is my oldest friend. We became close at the age of 14, and have remained close for the last 5 years also. I really feel our friendship is proven in the fact that despite living so far apart, we still have always made an effort to keep in contact. Out of all my best friends, it's with him that I've had the most turbulent ride, as on many aspects of life we don't have the same views, outlooks and morals. But I know that we always have and always will love each other to pieces. He knows me down to a T, and I have no doubt that he'll always be in my life.

Best friend #3
If it wasn't for this girl I have no idea where I would be today. Literally. It's thanks to her that I found the university course I'm on, thanks to her that I applied for it and thanks to her that I got accepted on to it. Honestly, she'll never know how much she saved me.

Best friend #4
It's strange that I'm considering someone I've known less than three months as a best friend. But she definitely is. I can tell her everything, and believe that it's mutual. We're like minded and can relate to one another, without being too alike that it gets annoying. I love her honesty, and how I know that if I ask her something I'm going to hear the truth, however harsh that may be. Everyone needs a best friend like that.

Best friend #5
Again, I've known her less than three months, but she's still most certainly one of my best friends. I have so much admiration for how she's so far from home, from her family and from her boyfriend, yet coping so well. I love how thoughtful she is and how she bought me tea and cake and a chocolate digestive when she heard I was upset. Few people make me laugh as much as she does, and I can't wait to live with her next year.

Best friend #6
I don't think I've ever become best friends with someone as fast as I did with this person. Honestly, after two minutes of knowing him, straight after he made a twisted joke about my religion, I knew we'd be close. We open up to each other so much, and I know the trust is mutual. He's perfect in that he can switch between outrageously immature and hilarious to the ideal person to have a deep chat with. I'm entirely positive that he's my friend for life.

Best friend #7
Every single day me and this person are amazed at how much we have in common. I love so, so much that he reads me like a book and knows how my head works. I don't have to explain things to him. "You can't bullshit a bullshitter", as he aptly puts it. From our music taste, to our academics, to our favourite foods, to our outlooks, we're incredibly similar. I really feel that meeting this person was fate, and that if we hadn't have met at university we would have met somewhere else across the line. I'm so glad we live close to each other back home as well as here.

Best friend #8
I have so much respect for this person. She's so hardworking and dedicated to her studies, yet she's hilarious and sociable and lovely. I wish I could achieve such a perfect balance as her. I love how she refuses to have regrets, and I love how openminded she is about religion, despite being religious herself. I love her a lot, and as mentioned before, hold a lot of respect for her.


Anonymous said...

why are u writing like this comments?

Ankita said...

My story is like this only.There was a person who loves me very but i didn;t saw his face after 1 week till now.I was crying when i read your story.IT IS VERY NICE.

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